Philosophy of the company

We are always looking for innovative and inventive solutions.
We do not confine ourselves to what is known, but are constantly developing our processes.
We want to offer our customers exceptional service and optimal performance.
With innovative products and new manufacturing methods, we want to be ahead of our time.


1994: René Mathys founds Xeno Print, a sole proprietorship, in Biel.
1999: the company is converted into an AG (limited company).
2005: Xeno Print AG merges with Luna Météore AG of Hansruedi Arn and continues its activity under the sole name of Xeno Print AG, whose current headquarters are in Biel.

History of Luna-Météore AG:
1915: Foundation under the name of Météore SA, whose headquarters are located at Rue Centrale 51a, in Biel.
1925: Moved to Rüschlistrasse 5, in Biel.
1972: Merger of Radiochimie Météore AG and Luna AG, which becomes Luna-Météore AG.

Globolight XP©

Globolight XP© is a process that, by its properties, revolutionizes the manufacture of classic appliques of watch dials.
For more than 5 years, we have acquired a great experience in its use and the process is now fully operational and totally under control.
With its properties, Globolight XP© represents a significant innovation in the manufacture of watch components.

The invention was patented by Xeno Print AG in March 2016 and convinces since then by the following strengths:

  • Infinite variety of shapes with different angles and radii
  • Can be manufactured in all possible colours
  • Free choice of size and shape of the feet of the appliques
  • Can glow in the night, or not at all

Properties of Globolight XP©:

  • Temperature resistant up to 150° C
  • Mechanically workable
  • Free choice of colour
  • Light intensity with Superluminova
  • Choice of light intensity
  • All variants of shape can be realized
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Very resistant